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Training: substances knowledge

Is the effect of basecoke the same for everyone? Why is dosing GHB so tricky? How can you tell what someone has used? In this training, we dive into the daily life of someone who uses drugs and take a closer look at various substances. What does such a substance look like? What are its effects? As a counsellor, how can you use harm reduction in conversations about drugs?

A solid basic knowledge of substances is essential for social workers working with people who use drugs. This knowledge makes it easier to put yourself in the shoes of someone who uses drugs and to understand what someone who uses needs from you. We therefore recommend starting with this training, in combination with another relevant topic if desired.

In this basic training, you will get a complete, up-to-date and practical overview of different drugs. You will not only explore how they are used, but also learn about the experiences of people who use them. Together with your colleagues, you will explore, discuss and get the latest knowledge and trends. This training is indispensable for anyone who wants to effectively connect with people who use drugs.   


  • The trainer interactively takes you through the history of drugs  
  • Together, you cover the most commonly used drugs, their effects and harm reduction tips  
  • You will discuss your own attitudes towards drug use and the associated dilemmas  


  • You deepen and enhance your knowledge of resources and substance use 
  • You will receive guidelines to provide people who use drugs with useful tips that can improve their quality of life 

“You deepen and enhance your knowledge of drugs and substance use. You will receive guidelines to provide people who use drugs with useful tips that can improve their quality of life.”

Trainer Ferry Barendregt

The most practical drugs training

Incompany training from €850,-

1 half-day training


Would you like to request a quote for this training? Or a tailor-made learning plan? Please contact Desiree van Dok.

Experiences of

"Gained a lot of knowledge about drugs. The trainer was incredibly energetic, talking about our own experiences made it very personal. I learned a lot that made me better understand how to interact with users."
"I found it to be a pleasant blend of theory and interactive participation. What surprised me was the historical aspect of usage—I wasn't aware of that much detail. Ferry has a knack for keeping things engaging; you learn something new every time. I would rate the training 8.5 out of 10!"
"A lot about addiction, how substances work, but also how to do the best thing for your clients."


Training: overdose prevention

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Training: making contact

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Training: addiction

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