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Are you a journalist and would you like to get in touch with us, for example in response to news? We are happy to share our knowledge on drugs and the lived experience of people who use drugs.


Mainline’s mission is to improve the health and social status of people who use drugs. We do this with respect for each individual’s personal choices and potential. The main goal is not to reduce drug use per se, but to promote overall wellbeing. In doing so, harm reduction offers people opportunities to take back control over their drug use and their lives within frameworks that are feasible for them.

our expertise

You can ask us to share our expertise on drugs, use and harm reduction. For example, on one of the following topics:

  • Trends in drug use and perceptions of people who use drugs.
  • Different types of substances, including cocaine, crystal meth, speed, GHB, 3-MMC, anabolic steroids, opiates and ketamine.
  • Topics such as drug use during sex, drugs and infectious diseases, anabolic use, homelessness and drug use, drug injecting and harm reduction in drug use.
  • International developments on drugs and use. Mainline works in several countries, including Vietnam, Kenya, South Africa and Iran.

Interviews and fact-checking

Our outreach workers regularly talk about drugs and the experiences of people who use drugs in the media. We think it is important that their perspective is seen and that people who use drugs are talked about in a non-stereotyping and stigmatising way. We also check articles on drugs on factuality.

interview with a person who uses drugs

We get many requests from journalists to put them in touch with people who use drugs in our network. While we think it is important for their voices to be heard, we are cautious. A request is considered only after a careful process. In it, we make clear agreements on the intention and premise of the article. We also always ask on behalf of the interview candidate for the right to review an article before publication and to withdraw cooperation at any time. If this request is met, we can send out an enquiry to our network. This, of course, still does not guarantee success.


For questions, fact-checking or an interview request, contact our press officer Hannah Hamans or director Machteld Busz.

+31 6 44119037

Hannah Hamans
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Machteld Busz
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