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Drugs and Using

Looking for information on drugs and using? Mainline is the place to be. Mainline provides a range of services for people who use drugs, and offers comprehensive informational materials on specific substances.

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Mainline has developed detailed informative material on cocaine. Read all about the contents of the drug, its effects and short-term and long-term risks. What are the least harmful methods of use? Also: help with self-control and tips for when it goes wrong.

Anabolic steroids

PIEDs are drugs taken to alter the body's appearance and/or improve athletic performance. Mainline has compiled a list of harm reduction-focused information and care to people who use PIEDs.

Drugs in the Netherlands

If you're new to the Netherlands, understanding the official drug policy can be confusing. Can you test your drugs? Is it illegal to use drugs? Mainline wrote down some key points. This information is also accesible in French, Russian, Romanian, Bulgarian, Polish and Arabic.