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Since Mainlines funding consists largely of grant funds – i.e. public funds – we believe it is important to be transparent about our spending patterns and social policies. We recognise that we have a special social responsibility stemming from our mission and vision. All interactions, behaviours and expressions of our organisation and staff must meet a high moral standard.

Remuneration and expenses policy

Mainline Foundation follows the classification of the CAO Care and Welfare and the FCB (Welzijn & Maatschappelijke Dienstverlening) with its salary policy.

The board of the foundation carries out its activities unpaid and the organisation stays within the €500,000 in salary costs with its service staff (18 jobs, equivalent to 12 FTEs). The director remains well within the WNT (€50,000). Based on a performance appraisal system, employees’ eligibility for a salary increase is determined. A modest salary house is compensated with generous fringe benefits and a social working climate in which the education and health of our employees is paramount.

Mainline strives to maintain a good balance between funds spent directly on activities and money used for salaries and organisational costs. The rent for our premises is very modest, despite its central location. Something we consider of great importance in the non-profit sector.

code of conduct

Mainline has a clear and concrete code of conduct. All employees are bound by this code and sign the code as part of their contract. The code of conduct is regularly discussed and revised. There are clear sanctions for cross-border or otherwise inadmissible behaviour.

travel policy

Because Mainline works internationally, we make a relatively large number of flight hours. We offset our CO2 emissions through Green Seat. Within Europe, we travel by train as much as possible.

Because we travel to sometimes turbulent areas and our target group is often on the fringes of society, Mainline has a safety policy. This policy is reviewed annually and discussed with all employees involved. The international team regularly takes a safety course in order to be able to react adequately in unsafe situations.

During trips, we always aim to stay in hotels that are as modest as possible. We follow internal guidelines for this and strive for a balance between safety, comfort and budget.