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Harm Reduction

Mainline is dedicated to empowering both newcomers and experienced professionals in the field of harm reduction. With the Harm Reduction School, we offer a collection of affordable, fun and interactive online courses that further develop your knowledge and skills in harm reduction.

With the Harm Reduction School, we make practice-based harm reduction knowledge accessible to a broad group. The e-courses are designed to give you practical tools to develop effective interventions. Whether you want to refresh the basics or deepen your knowledge on specific topics, the courses offer something for everyone. The e-courses can also be extended with face-to-face training.

for everyone, everywhere

  • Practical and pragmatic – Clear, low threshold information and interventions
  • Authentic – Based on the experiences of people who use drugs
  • Inspiring – Fun and interactive
  • Impactful – Leads to positive changes in skills, attitudes and practices
  • Accessible – Self-paced, cost-effective, and mobile-friendly
  • Professional – Evidence-based, well-researched, objective information


Would you like more information about the Harm Reduction School or are you curious about the blended learning paths combining an online course with on-site training? Contact our Knowledge & Learning lead Simon Williams.