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Poppi Drugsmuseum

Poppi Drug Museum is an initiative of Mainline. Poppi is an educational museum that rewrites the story of drugs. Poppi is determined to open hearts and minds, break taboos and challenge assumptions. For a future world with honest and responsible drug education.

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our mission with poppi

Drugs have the power to divide societies and people. Drugs are bad, fun, wonderful, illegal, criminal, sensational, destructive, spiritual and many other things, depending on whom you ask. Poppi collects stories, facts and perspectives about drugs. The museum creates a safe place to learn and talk about drugs. Poppi empowers individuals and inspires drug policies that respect and promote human dignity, health and public safety.

Exhibition: xtc-shop in Utrecht

social impact

Poppi was founded as a social enterprise. Profits from the Poppi Drug Museum benefit Mainline’s work. Read more about Poppi’s social mission.

more info

Want to know more about Poppi Drug Museum? Visit the website or contact Machteld Busz.

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