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Outreach work

The core of Mainline's activities is outreach work. The outreach workers pick up signals on the street, in social shelters, near sex work and swing venues, in drug consumption rooms, in penitentiaries, at homes of people who use and online on relevant forums and apps. Because only by being in direct contact with people who use, do we know what is going on, and are we able to inform and refer.


In chemsex, sex and drugs are combined. The phenomenon is intertwined with the queer community. Mainline conducts long-term research on chemsex, develops educational materials, offers support to people who practice chemsex, and supports organisations in developing and implementing harm reduction interventions around chemsex.

Anabolic steroïds

Mainline investigates the use of Performance and Image Enhancing Drugs (PIED) in recreational sport and develops harm reduction interventions and educational materials for athletes taking substances to improve performance and/or alter physical appearance.