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Mainline focuses on preventing or reducing harm from drug use. We stand for a pragmatic approach that does not condemn drug use. Quitting is never a prerequisite for support. Mainline fights the stigma surrounding drug use 


Find out how our passionate team is working for the health and rights of people who use drugs through outreach work, trainings, harm reduction interventions, a magazine and more 

Our vision

Drug use is a prevalent reality across the globe. People who use drugs have the same universal rights as any other human being. However, the consequence of international prohibition on certain substances is that people who use drugs are marginalised, discriminated against and in many countries also criminalised. Mainline stands up for the rights and health of people who use drugs 

Our mission

Mainline’s mission is to improve the health and social status of people who use drugs. Always with respect for each individual’s personal choices and potential. The main goal is not to reduce drug use per se, but to promote overall well-being 

Our target group

Mainline focuses particularly on people who use drugs, are on the margins of society and/or often face significant health risks. Often, related to drug use, they experience problems in various areas of life such as work and housing 

Mainline has three
primary objectives


Advocating for the health and social status of people who use(d) drugs


Improving the availability and quality of support services for people who use drugs, with a focus on harm reduction


Promoting harm reduction as a humane and science-based approach

focal points

    Mainline's core values Scientifically based – rational People-oriented – with compassion Authentic – creative and self-willed Pragmatic – action-oriented Society-centred – activist
Strategic plan

Every year, we publish a public version of our strategic plan. It describes which issues we address and, above all, how we will do it.

A team full of
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Toon Broeks
Sultan Baghdadi
Leon Knoops
Has Cornelissen
Ella Bowler

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Annual reports

Curious about what Mainline has been up to over the years? Find all our annual reports here.

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