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Mainline magazine

The dutch magazine on drugs and health

Mainline magazine

Mainline magazine has been the Dutch magazine on drugs, health and the street for more than 30 years. For and with people who use drugs. Mainline has a circulation of 10,000. The magazines are distributed in the Netherlands to people who use drugs, professionals and drug treatment centres throughout the Netherlands.

Mainline outreach workers also distribute the magazines in places where people who use drugs are.

recognition and information

Mainline is never pedantic and its articles are based on fieldwork. The tone and content of the articles match the level of knowledge and the everyday world of people who use drugs in the Netherlands.

The underlying idea is to use the magazine to strengthen the self-image of drug users and provide harm reduction tips. Experience shows that the topics in the magazine provide outreach workers with an important starting point for discussions with hard-to-reach groups of people who use drugs.

magazine #3 2023

The third Mainline of 2023 looks at the ins and outs of cannabis. We found out why every joint and strain is different and talked to coffee shop owners. We also had several (former) hard users talk about their smoking routines. And, because cannabis is also a real tourist attraction, we took a tour on the Smokeboat in Amsterdam.

cannabis mainline