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Training: overdose prevention

Learn how to effectively deal with an overdose with this training. As an employee, it can be difficult when faced with this situation. The training provides you with practical information and valuable tips so that you can respond confidently in overdose emergencies. You will learn not only how to recognise an overdose and intervene appropriately, but also how to spot signs of an upcoming overdose and thus help prevent it.  


New to this topic or want to improve your drug knowledge? We recommend taking our course ‘Substance Knowledge‘ first. For in-company training, we offer the option to integrate a quick introduction on substance knowledge into this course. Our training is interactive and tailored to different learning styles, with practical exercises such as correctly applying the stable side position.  


  • We focus on all the ins and outs of overdose  
  • We learn how to recognise an overdose (in time)  
  • We get practical tools to prevent overdose  


  • You know the substances that have a high risk of overdose and know the effects  
  • You can recognise an overdose situation and intervene successfully  
  • You understand how such a situation can arise and how to avoid it  

“When people are faced with an overdose, there is sometimes action embarrassment. With this training, I want to give practical information on how to act in such situations, but perhaps more importantly, what you can do to prevent an overdose.”

Trainer Ferry Barendregt

Practical base training

Option: in combination with substance knowledge training

Incompany training from €850,-

1 half-day trainings


Would you like to request a quote for this training? Or a tailor-made learning plan? Please contact Desiree van Dok.

Experiences of

"Good trainer, clear, skillful, insightful. Didn't know much of what was shared and found it very valuable."


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