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Training: making contact

How do you effectively build rapport with someone who uses drugs daily? How do you create trust and avoid pitfalls? And how do you start a conversation about use? In this training you will learn various communication techniques and get practical tips on how to make contact in an equal way. This training offers directly applicable tools for your daily work, rooted in a solid theoretical basis.  

contact maken

With our trainer, you will look at what you as a professional encounter in talking to people who use drugs.  Together, you go through various communication techniques. Elements of motivational interviewing, presence and Socratic motivation are discussed. After the training, you will be able to read conversations and have the skills to enter them confidently.  


  • We put ourselves into the shoes of someone taking drugs
  • We juxtapose the main contact methods  
  • We practice how to apply these methods in practice, including in difficult situations  


  • You have basic knowledge of various communication techniques  
  • You understand the do’s and don’ts in contacting someone who uses drugs  
  • You feel comfortable in conversations and thus connect more easily  

“People who use drugs tend to be stigmatised. They suffer from that. With ordinary contact, we can work on empowerment and possibly recovery. I think it is important that participants in this training realise that we are not talking to drug users, but to people who use drugs.” – Trainer Ferry Barendregt  

Practical basic training

Option: with an actor or lived experience expert

Incompany training from €850,-

1 half-day training


Would you like to request a quote for this training? Or a tailor-made learning plan? Please contact Desiree van Dok.

Experiences of

"Compliments on the training! It worked well to make it interactive, keeping it interesting throughout. And also the information shared was clear and well-organised."
"The trainer sensed the group well. He was relaxed and spontaneous. Everything was covered, there was a good balance between listening and active."


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