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Training: addiction

Where does the craving to reuse come from? As a counsellor, what can you do to reduce this craving so that you contribute to improving someone’s quality of life? In this training, you will learn all about substance dependence and how you can have a positive impact on your client in an empathetic way. You will learn to understand drug use from your client’s experience and perspective.  


In this training we explore facts and misconceptions around addiction. Everyone has certain beliefs about drug use, but what’s true? What behaviours do we associate with addiction? We also try to expand your knowledge about substance dependence and craving. We delve deeper into the process of addiction, dual diagnosis and present different common perspectives. As a result, you will gradually come to understand that views on addiction are subjective, and that ultimately the client’s view is central.  

We will also work on your own understanding of addiction. We will think together about why someone becomes addicted. And why does someone have cravings? What triggers play a role and how does someone experience them? Then we will discuss how you as a professional can deal with clients’ addiction, for example in a residential facility or other social care setting.   


  • We interactively test the facts and misconceptions around substance dependence  
  • We develop our own views on addiction, based on our own and clients’ experiences   
  • Together we explore ways to deal with problematic substance use within the shelter 


  • Current knowledge on substance dependence and the development of craving  
  • Developing one’s own view of addiction, in one’s own context  
  • Concrete harm reduction tips to deal with addiction on the ward  

“In this training, you will learn to look at substance dependence in new and different ways. In a non-judgemental and practical way. The aim is to better meet your client’s needs and improve their quality of life.” – Trainer Ferry Barendregt  

With practical knowledge from Mainline's outreach workers

Incompany training from €850,-

1 half-day training


Would you like to request a quote for this training? Or a tailor-made learning plan? Please contact Desiree van Dok.  

Experiences of

"This training got me thinking. As a counselor, you often want to do all kinds of things with a resident's drug use. But what motivation does someone actually have themselves?"
"From beginning to end interesting and informative. The trainer kept the participants' attention by delivering his workshop in an authentic way."
"Enthusiastic trainer with a lot of knowledge. Approachable, fun course. All material is good to apply in practice."


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