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Community Mental Health Response in Myanmar

Mainline proudly offers technical assistance to Best Shelter, an NGO in Myanmar. Best Shelter implements a community-based harm reduction programme, with a special focus on women, people who use stimulants (meth), youth and mental health. Mainline will work alongside of Best Shelter to improve and upscale their mental health responses.

Community mental health

Over the past three years, Mainline, together with SCDI – a Vietnamese based NGO- has worked extensively to design bottom-up and pragmatic harm reduction interventions in response to the increased use of meth-amphetamines in the South-East Asian region. This resulted in the establishment of the Hanoi ‘Stimulant Field Lab’.

Online and on-site learning

Up to the end of the third quarter of 2023, Mainline will translate several blended learning courses into Burmese, adjust the course on mental health to fit the specific context of Myanmar and train teams of outreach workers en programme staff. The assignment ends with a visit of two Best Shelter staff members to the Vietnamese Stimulant Field Lab.

You can request more information about this project via Simon Williams.

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Support and finance

This project is funded via a USAID grant.


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