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Mindful Muscles

Harm reduction approaches are rarely applied in a recreational sports setting. And why would we – sport equals health, right? Not always. Research shows that the use of performance and image-enhancing drugs (PIEDs) is quite common in various recreational sport scenes. And for those people who use frequently and in high doses, harm reduction can make a big difference.

Mainline is part of a new project: MINDFUL MUSCLES. The core objective of project is to develop an innovative, strengths-based educational resource that will incorporate character strengths, mindfulness/acceptance, and self-compassion in anti-doping/clean sport education targeted to amateur and grassroots sport.

PIED harm reduction

This project is led by Sheffield Hallam University, based in the United Kingdom. MINDFUL MUSCLES brings together expertise from the United Kingdom, Greece, Finland, Estonia, Serbia and Portugal. With this project, Mainline hopes to take a step to help introduce harm reduction for people who use Performance and Image Enhancing Drugs (PIEDs).

Mainline’s contribution to this project builds on previous experiences with the DELTS programme (2018-2020). Over the years we published two reports, which relate to PIED use in the Netherlands.

For more information about this project, feel free to contact Ingrid Bakker.

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