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Training: all the ins and outs of chemsex

Chemsex, a term that comes up more and more often in conversations with clients. But what does it actually mean? Why is it gaining popularity? This training for professionals offers an in-depth exploration of all facets of chemsex. Prior to the training, we take stock of the level of knowledge and specific issues so that we can offer a well-tailored training.  

In the training we learn using various interactive work formats. In the first part of the training, we start with the current state of chemsex. What means and combinations are in demand? How are these substances used and in what setting does chemsex take place? We discuss the positive and negative effects, and why the initial focus is often on men having sex with men. We also cover underlying issues in chemsex and learn how to make them discussable.

The second part focuses on practical guidelines and exploring personal beliefs. How do you really think about drug use and (gay) sex? How do you have non-judgemental conversations about sex and drugs? And how do you build a trusting relationship with your clients in this way?  

An expert by experience shares his story and is ready to answer your questions. You will then learn different conversation techniques and how to build trust, all in a safe environment with a training actor.  


  • You will learn about all facets of chemsex: from the means used to code language, to the context, and the associated risks
  • You will gain insight into the added value that people experience when using drugs during sex
  • You will examine your own underlying thoughts
  • Building a relationship of trust and engaging in conversation without judgment


  • A deep understanding of chemsex: its uses, culture, added value, issues and needs of your clients  
  • Ability to connect in a constructive and empathetic way and have non-judgemental conversations  
leon knoops

“Among other things, this training gives more insight into the added value of chemsex for users. Here, the first question is not why someone does chemsex, but what it does to someone, how it is experienced. We also give practical tools to start the conversation with your clients.”
Trainer Leon Knoops

Including lived experience expert and training actor

Incompany training from €2375,-

2 half-day trainings


Would you like to request a quote for this training? Or a tailor-made learning plan? Please contact Leon Knoops.  

Experiences of

"Interesting training, covering many aspects of chemsex."
"I was surprised on several occasions in the training by things that were completely unknown to me and that are useful to take into the work field."


Crash course: chemsex

Essential insights into the hows and whys of chemsex. We also address the underlying issues often involved in chemsex.
  • Practical basic training
  • Tools for engaging in the conversation
  • Current knowledge about substances and setting
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