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Migrants who use drugs in the EU

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Several risk factors increase the vulnerability of (new) groups of migrants to engage in problematic drug use. These risk factors include traumatic experiences, disengagement with society, unemployment and poverty. Services and municipalities throughout the European Union are faced with the urgent challenge to address these migrants’ needs.

A better understanding of the needs of vulnerable migrants who use drugs could improve local responses throughout Europe. In this project, seven partners across Europe worked to improve the (harm reduction) services access for migrants.


Read all about marginalised migrants and drug use in the EU. This magazine gives an overview of the findings and recommendations of the project and hopes to inspire better policy and access to harm reduction and healthcare services.

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Many migrants who use drugs in the EU have specific needs that are related to having migrated.

Civil society experts in Europe

knowledge gaps on drug use and migration

This project focuses on filling knowledge and practice gaps in drug use and migration in Europe. The general objective of the project ‘SEMID-EU’ is to improve the wellbeing and reduce the harms of vulnerable migrants who use drugs by:

  • improving knowledge and understanding among policymakers and practitioners
  • strengthening capacities of healthcare and support services working with these groups

The project is organised around four work packages that are logically linked and build upon each other:

  1. Assessment of the situation
  2. Obtaining an integrated understanding of local needs and responses
  3. Development of policy recommendations, toolkits and practical guidelines
  4. Implementation in the field

A broad variety of methods will be applied, from literature reviews to interviews and focus group discussions, and from local workshops to webinars and symposia.

For more info on this project, please contact the project manager Ingrid Bakker.

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Support and funding

This project is a collaboration between Correlation European Harm Reduction Network, Gaia Paris, Fixpunkt, IS Global Barcelona Institute for Global Health, Positive Voice, Ghent University and Mainline. This project was funded by the European Union’s Justice Programme — Drugs Policy Initiatives.