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Drug Decriminalisation [e]Course

Along with the International Drug Policy Consortium and Health[e]Foundation, Mainline helped to develop an e-learning about decriminalisation.

This free online course supports partners worldwide, equipping them to advocate for the end of criminalising approaches to drug use and personal possession. Sign on now!

decrim ecourse

Introduction video

This video introduces the [e]course.


The [e]Course includes 7 modules:

  1. Introduction, definitions and support for decriminalisation
  2. Existing models of decriminalisation
  3. Making the case for decriminalisation
  4. Designing a decriminalisation model
  5. Thresholds and defining drug possession for personal use
  6. Designing decriminalisation: sanctions and intrusiveness
  7. The ‘gold standard’ for decriminalisation

It has been designed so that participants can take just one module, or all seven, and in any order they prefer. 

Sign on, get started

The [e]Course host, Marie Nougier, provides guidance throughout the modules – each of which should take between 1 and 2 hours to complete, including videos and activities – and participants receive a certificate at the end of each Module.

You can request more information about this project via Simon Williams.

Get in contact with Simon Williams


Support and finance

Mainline co-designed this [e]course in close partnership with IDPC, Health[E]Foundation and Frontline AIDS. This consultancy is supported by the Pitch programme and by the Robert Carr Fund.