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Kick-starting harm reduction in Ghana

Mainline works with the Ghana West-Africa program to combat AIDS and STI (WAPCAS) and to help kick start harm reduction in Ghana.

ghana technical assistance

Technical assistance

Mainline’s technical assistance will focus on basic harm reduction interventions, the development of IEC materials and local advocacy to expand the support for harm reduction programmes.

This assignment is being implemented in November and December 2023 and is expected to be the start of a closer collaboration to further scale-up programmes across the county.

You can request more information about this project via Ancella Voets.

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Support and finance


Mainline will work together with AFEW Kyrgyzstan in developing a new online and on-site outreach strategy to reach people who use new psychoactive substances, such as alpha. This designer drug is very popular in Kyrgyzstan and is commonly injected. Outreach...
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