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Community consultations in Nepal

A round of community consultations by and for people who use drugs is currently being organised in Nepal. The goal is to identify key priorities that need to be taken up in the next Global Fund grant. Mainline offers technical support for this initiative.


During the consultation round the views of people who use drugs on the type of harm reduction services that are needed in the country are recorded. After a series of (group) conversations with people from across Nepal we will compile a report with a list of key priorities and a clear budget.

The goal of this is that the next Global Fund HIV grant application includes the priorities of people who use drugs. And that the harm reduction services and activities that will be funded in the next round fit the needs and views of the people who make use of them.

This project is part of the Global Fund’s Community, Rights and Gender strategic initiative. Through this initiative, Global Fund sub-recipients across the world can apply for technical assistance.

You can request more information about this project via Machteld Busz.

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