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Dealing with Drugs Conference in Amsterdam

On the 26th of January, the conference ‘Dealing with Drugs – cities and the quest for regulation’ will take place in Amsterdam.  

Mayor of Amsterdam Femke Halsema is the host of the conference:  

Together with many cities in the world, the beautiful city of Amsterdam struggles with the effects of drug-related crime. The objective of this international conference is to explore how -and not if- further regulation of the drug market can provide a solution.” – Femke Halsema

Mainline is proud to announce its role as a co-host for this event. Adding to the expertise and speakers, is our director Machteld, contributing invaluable insights to the conversation. During this one-day conference, you can partake in different side sessions and experience a ‘pop up XTC shop’ from our very own Poppi Drugs Museum! 

Currently, partners are actively engaged in the practical application of their knowledge, undertaking data collection in their respective communities. The ultimate objective is to analyze and report on this data in a format chosen by each partner. To facilitate this phase, the remaining modules of the e-course offer additional guidance and resources. 

If you’re interested to visit the conference, the website provides more information about the program.  

The available seats are limited, those who want to visit the conference are kindly asked to send an email to, with their name, function and a brief description of why they are interested.