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Quickscan 3-MMC in Zwolle

Sewage analyses in Zwolle show that the use of 3-MMC in the municipality is remarkably higher than in other Dutch municipalities. However, the group of people using 3-MMC is still hardly in the picture at the local addiction care institution Tactus. As a result, there are a number of questions within the Zwolle municipality about the use of this drug, the people who use it, the motivations for using it and the care needs of the people who use 3-MMC.


Mainline is conducting a Quickscan among the different groups of people who use to quickly gain proper insight into the local use of 3-MMC. The Quickscan is a cost-effective tool on the basis of which a report is produced with advice around policy, support, prevention and care.


The purpose of the Quickscan is:

  • To get a better understanding of the use of 3-MMC in Zwolle. This involves framing the different types of groups using, their patterns of use and motives, usage culture, risk behaviours among people who use and their need for information, education, prevention and care;
  • Scanning the local drug market (supply side), contact and crossover between different groups who use, switching to other substances (e.g. since the ban on 3-MMC), activities of people who use in production and trafficking/resale;
  • Arriving at (initial) directions regarding adequate approaches to the problem (if any) and/or recommendations for policy and care provision, in which an approach from (primary and possibly secondary) prevention thinking is central.


We will use the Quickscan to answer the following questions, among others, for the municipality of Zwolle:

  • What do relevant parties (healthcare providers and people who use) see in terms of possible developments and problems surrounding the use of 3-MMC?
  • What (social and cultural) factors contribute to the emergence and perpetuation of possible problems?
  • What support or information needs do care providers and people who use 3-MMC have themselves?

For more information on the project, please contact project leader Machteld Busz.

Machteld Busz
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