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Hands-on research

Do you wonder about the exact level of drug and alcohol use in your municipality or region? Is there cause for concern? What preventive measures are needed and what are the care needs of people who use drugs? Mainlines quick scan provides answers to these questions within a few months. The beauty of a quick scan is that it is a practically applicable study and involves relatively little cost.  

Signals from the field  

Sometimes, rumors and misconceptions can circulate when it comes to alcohol and drug use in a municipality. On the other hand, problematic use can go unnoticed for too long. Mainline’s quick scan offers clarity. By collecting information from both people who use drugs and professionals in your municipality or region, Mainline maps out what is really going on and where the problems lie.


Our outreach workers are trained to conduct research, especially among hard-to-reach groups. We gather information through field research, focus groups, interviews and online surveys. We work together with local professionals as much as possible. We then turn concrete signals around local drinking or drug use into practical advice on how to improve prevention, care, outreach and cooperation.  

Hiring expertise from Mainline

Do you want to better map substance use in your municipality and improve care for people who use substances? Mainline would love to support you. We will gladly prepare a non-binding offer for you, based on your needs, budget and local circumstances.  

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