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People who use drugs have specific preferences for harm reduction materials. These preferences are often overlooked. Want to make sure you buy the right stuff? Ask Mainline for advice.  


Purchasing needles and syringes presents special challenges: there are different volumes, thicknesses and lengths to consider. Organisations sometimes see limited uptake of purchased items: clients simply have a different preference for a certain type of needle or other material. Or clients find out that the quality of the products is poor. Good-quality materials are the basis of effective prevention programmes.  

The opposite also occurs: a supply shortage. A stock shortage can have dramatic consequences, especially if you run a needles and syringes programme or an opioid replacement programme. Or when you are responsible for clients taking antiretroviral drugs.   

efficient procurement

Smart procurement saves a programme a lot of money. Moreover, it can ensure that users stay safe and healthy. Need help with procurement, inventory management or just knowing what the preferences are for materials in a local drug scene? Get in touch for practical advice.  

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