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Expert advice

Expert advice on starting harm reduction programmes

Are you about to launch a harm reduction programme anywhere in the world? Are resources scarce or community resistance high? Contact Mainline for practical advice.  

start-up challenges

Launching a new harm reduction programme often involves challenges, such as conflicts with authorities and resistance within the community. In addition, logistics can be more complicated than expected. It can also be difficult to engage people who use drugs in a meaningful way.   


outreach support

Mainline is ready to support new outreach workers in developing strategies to effectively reach the target audience. We can help plan day-to-day activities, such as determining routes, setting visit frequency, prioritising budget and setting up solid referral networks.  

policy development

We also provide guidance to management to ensure staff safety and establish internal policies related to procurement and other relevant aspects. We assist in setting up a basic MEL (Monitoring, Evaluation & Learning) system to ensure that lessons are learned and interventions strengthen over time.

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