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In Europe

Ferry Barendregt
"In my trainings, I find it important that people learn by doing. I like to alternate delivering information with practising skills that can help you deal better with people who use drugs. I enjoy it when I hear that participants dare to enter into the conversation about drugs with more confidence so that they start to see the person and not the problem." Languages: Dutch, English. Trainer: Ferry Barendregt, based in the Netherlands
leon knoops
"I am an outreach worker, researcher and trainer at Mainline. I have been working on chemsex among men who have sex with men (MSM) since 2012. I coach a weekly support group with people who want to stop chemsex and have several publications on chemsex on my name. I bring these years of field experience to the training sessions. Expect an interactive training with many practical tools for professionals from the (mental) health and addiction services and the LGBT field." Languages: Dutch, English. Trainer: Leon Knoops, based in the Netherlands
Simon Williams
"My training sessions focus a lot on team building. With creative exercises, I try to create an environment where everyone feels safe, connected and motivated. This way, learning new knowledge and skills becomes a team effort. My goal is to inspire people and create a sense of unity in every group I coach." Languages: English, Dutch. Trainer: Simon Williams, based in the Netherlands

In Africa

"I am driven to strengthen the capacity of colleagues in the harm reduction field. My main focus during a training is to create a fun and stimulating learning environment. I love to involve participants through fun and interactive icebreakers, games and creative learning styles." Languages: Swahili, English. Trainer: Zainab Ahmed, based in Kenya
"Besides being a trainer, I am a harm reduction outreach worker. When I train, I like to actively engage participants. I am open to learning new things and ideas from participants. I derive pleasure from giving participants something to bring home at every training session." Languages: Swahili, English. Trainer: Ramadhan Said, based in Kenya
"I am a free-spirited and people-oriented trainer who believes in self-determination. I like to see growth and development in other people. During my trainings, I pay great attention to the interaction between group dynamics and individual training needs. My interactive trainings are designed on the basis of different learning strategies to cater to different personalities and needs." Languages: isiZulu, English Trainer: Klaas Mtshweni, based in South-Africa
"For me, training is a constructive dialogue between passionate people. I like to use my energetic personality to encourage discussions in order to learn together. I have a lot of knowledge about harm reduction and am always eager to help my colleagues in my region strengthen their harm reduction services." Languages: Xhosa, English Trainer: Ayanda Nyathi, based in South-Africa
"Ik ben een trainer die gelooft in proactief zijn in plaats van reactief. Voorafgaand aan elke training beoordeel ik de vaardigheden en kennis binnen een organisatie om het benodigde trainingsniveau te bepalen, zodat de vaardigheden van de deelnemers groeien en ze hun harm reductionwerk effectief kunnen uitvoeren." Talen: Swahili, Engels Trainer: James Nondi, gevestigd in Kenia
"I am a trainer who likes to use interactive methods during training. Throughout a training, I always keep my trainees attentive and engaged. Interactivity in training makes my trainees more receptive to new knowledge and skills and so the training becomes more fun and interesting." Languages: isiZulu, English, Sepedi, Xitsonga, Setswana Trainer: Doricah Khasalela, based in South-Africa
"I am a highly motivational trainer who uses various methods to plan, guide and evaluate a learning journey. I use participatory learning to encourage participants to throw themselves fully into positive and engaging training." Languages: Swahili, English Trainer: Agnes Msami, based in Tanzania

In Asia

"I am a trainer who believes it is important to combine left- and right-brain functions in the learning process. In my opinion, training should be fun and creative and sometimes need spontaneity to achieve the objectives." Languages: Indonesian, English Trainer: Arif Rachman Iryawan, based in Indonesia
"I care about the participants' engagement when I conduct training sessions. Therefore, I always create effective sessions with a pleasant and dynamic atmosphere. In my opinion, training should be safe for both the trainer and the participants, as well as clear and practical." Languages: Vietnamese, English Trainer: Hien Vu, based in Vietnam
"I believe that good preparation leads to success! I carefully plan each training session to ensure that participants achieve the training objectives. I am a trainer who prefers to create an interactive atmosphere for the participants, which is why the active involvement of the participants is very important to me." Languages: Vietnamese, English Trainer: Adam Nguyen, based in Vietnam