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Knowledge & Learning

Mainline offers online and offline learning programmes, specially tailored to meet your organisation's learning needs. Mainline's learning paths are practical, realistic and always based on our years of experience in the field. Each training course can be adapted to the needs of your organisation. Elements from different training courses can be combined, we can develop a customised learning plan, or provide a stand-alone training on a specific topic.


We start with an inventory of the current level of knowledge and explore what is encountered in the work. We prefer to do this with the people who will actually attend the training. This helps to understand what the learning needs are. Based on these findings, we put together a tailor-made learning plan.


Mainline offers a wide range of interactive training options. Face-to-face training, online coaching, self-study courses or a blended form. You can immediately apply what you learn in practice. It is also possible to do coaching on the job, reflecting directly on dynamics and communication.


After the learning phase, Mainline measures the impact. Because we believe it is important that the knowledge gained is well embedded. What changes have been made and how are the newly acquired skills put into practice? We ensure that the lessons learned are integrated into the way of working, so that repetition and refreshment are less necessary. In this way, we efficiently and effectively build the long-term growth of your team.

Crash course: chemsex

Essential insights into the hows and whys of chemsex. We also address the underlying issues often involved in chemsex.
  • Practical basic training
  • Tools for engaging in the conversation
  • Current knowledge about substances and setting
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